Columbia University's Dodge Fitness Center

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Top Candied Grapefruit Peel Method:how to make sugaring grapefruit peel. when you peel a grapefruit, you can save the skin and make a simple snack.

It alone can be a snack, or you can use it for baking. For example, apply it as a filling in a cake or cookie.

All you need is peels of 2 grapefruits, 1/4 lemon and 150g cater sugar.

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Best Biangbiang Noodle Guide: Chili pepper oil pulled noodles from Shanxi, I remember after watching that episode in the middle of the night.

I was starving to death and got up and made myself a bowl of pulled noodles.

“Give me another one!”

So today I’m teaching you guys how to make this super easy and super delicious chili pepper oil pulled noodles.

First put flour into a wooden bowl.

And then add salt, which is about 1% of the amount of flour.

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How To Make Meatball Subs? The main ingredient is pork belly, to accompany that, you will need Chinese napa cabbage, baby bak choi, bamboo shoot, and chicken broth.

For condiments, you will need shaoxin wine, white pepper, spring onion, sugar, ginger, egg white, and some salt.

First step, we will make our chicken broth.

You can buy packaged broth or reduced broth, but do not use pure water.

Cut chicken into pieces, give it a blanch and cook in cold water, and then bring it to a boil.

Add in two pieces of ginger, braise over low heat for 2 hours, and strain before you use.

Next up, sides. Slice bamboo shoot first.

And then cut them into thin stripes.

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What are the Cure Contemplations for Marijuana?

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NYS COBRA (Dependent Age 29) Coverage

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NY Paid Family Leave

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JTS Enrollment Booklet 2019

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JTS Enrollment Booklet 2019

JTS Enrollment Booklet 2019

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Delta Dental

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Ming dynasty styles men Hanfu jacket

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Flexible Spending Account

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Flexible Spending Plan Year

The Flexible Spending Plan Year is from January 1st - March 15th of the following year (e.g. January 1st, 2013 - March 15th, 2014).  Employees then have an additional three months, until June 15th, to submit claims for any expenses incurred during the plan year (e.g. June 15th, 2014).

To submit a claim complete the Flexible Spending Account Claim Form, and return it, along with your receipts, to Benefit Analysis Inc., P.O. Box 527, Nutley, NJ  07110-052

Benefit Analysis's Website

Contact Benefit Analysis at 1-800-224-5110 for your log-in and password.


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The high pressure water jet stone cutter

The most efficient and economical technology for cutting mineral materials is undoubtedly the high pressure water jet.

The hardness of these materials necessarily requires the addition of an abrasive in order to obtain an irreproachable cut quality.

These materials are widely used in the many building and decoration trades.

No technical limits, no shapes, only the imagination of the designers and creators is put to the test.

Cut stone, sandstone, earthenware, ceramics, tiling

In the fields of architecture and decoration, floors and walls are surfaces conducive to the creation of frescoes or aesthetic scenes that embellish both the house or the swimming pool of a private individual and the floor of a center.


With the water jet, all mosaic games are allowed.

Cutouts made for a shopping arcade - Carrefour Quetigny

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High pressure water jet glass cutter

In the 1960s, this technology began to develop in the United States in the field of cutting.

The various sectors of activity that use this technology (art, automobile, crystal, glassware, eyewear, interior furniture, mirrors and glazing) require cleanliness, speed and precision.

- The principle

Water as a medium can, depending on demand, be used pure or with additives (abrasives, polymers).

The machine essentially consists of a high pressure energy generator (4000 bars) at constant flow, a cutting table and a cutting head mounted on a gantry and composed of a nozzle with a diameter of

variable from 0.15 to 0.5 mm (lifespan of around one hundred hours), a mixing chamber (which sucks up abrasive particles by the venturi effect, the water speed reaching at this level 3

times that of sound) and a focusing gun to accelerate particles up to 400 m / s.

The thickness of the jet is of the order of 0.9 mm.

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Cutting of Metals with water jet metal cutter


The high pressure water jet is particularly well suited for cutting all metals or the like.

Cutting these materials requires the use of abrasive additives that allow you to work on the harshest materials.

Cutting very thick steels.

Its field of action ranges from foil of a few tenths of an mm to thicknesses of over 150mm, even on alloy steels.

Under certain conditions, we manage to exceed this limit, as proof the cutting of a steel plate 200mm thick.

Cutting special or treated steels.

Special or treated steels do not escape the power of the water jet. For example, we regularly cut pieces in CREUSABRO ©.

This steel, which offers, in addition to its hardness qualities, exceptional abrasion resistance, is frequently used as an anti-wear lining on public works or agricultural tools.

Despite this exceptional hardness, the water jet accompanied by abrasion allows it to be cut.

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Medical Coverage Waiver

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If you are opting to waive the Jewish Theological Seminary medical coverage please provide the name of your carrier and policy number along with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card. 

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Parsonage Allowance

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TIAA-CREF Useful Links and Phone Numbers


General National Contact Center: 1-800-842-2776

Financial Center/Advice Service: 212-490-9000 ext. 232803

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Vision Service Plan (VSP)

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Voluntary Life Insurance

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