Beneficiary Designation

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The Jewish Theological Seminary offers life insurance for benefits eligible employees through UNUM.  Please take the time to update your beneficiary designation.  JTS will keep this form on file on your behalf.  If you want to make any changes in the future, make sure to complete a new form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources.

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Staff Short Term Disability Policy

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Columbia University's Dodge Fitness Center

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There are many classifications of wigs, if the raw materials by wig can be divided into: human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, animal hair.
These three raw materials in the feel of the product is very different: human hair feel the best.

Human hair wig is made of pure human hair, its realism is high, not easy to tie, can be baked, dyed, permed, easy to change hairstyle. The price is high and the styling effect is not good.
The wig is made of synthetic fibers, so it is not realistic and can cause itching after wearing.
The same weight of animal hair, than real hair and synthetic fibers significantly fluffier, followed by a different feel, of course, the difference between synthetic hair and animal hair is not very big, but the price of animal hair is slightly more expensive than synthetic fibers.

Wig consumer market segmentation and product type preferences

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Long Term Disability Plan Summary

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NYS COBRA (Dependent Age 29) Coverage

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HIP Health Insurance

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You can now find guide about the company setup in Oman.

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Benefit Summary

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Health Advocate - A Free New Resource for JTS Employees

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DC 1707 Health & Benefit Fund

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NY Paid Family Leave

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JTS Enrollment Booklet 2019

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JTS Enrollment Booklet 2019

JTS Enrollment Booklet 2019

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2019 Oxford Plans

Summary of Coverage

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Summary of Coverage

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Plants and soil-borne microbes have developed mutually beneficial associations over the millennia. Plant root exudates are designed to attract beneficial microbes, promote colonization of the roots system, and enhance plant nutrition.

Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (e.g. Bacillus subtilis and Rhizobium) and Fungi (e.g. Trichoderma ) enhance crop nutrition by making certain mineral elements such as nitrogen and phosphate more available to the plant.


PGPRs may also promote root growth and branching, thereby increasing the soil area and associated minerals and water available to the plant. The larger the plant root volume, the more readily it takes up minerals such as calcium which are less mobile in the soil. This may consequently improve shelf life in some fruits, vegetables, and even flower crops.

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Metlife Dental

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2019 Benefit Summary

Benefit Summary

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Delta Dental

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Flexible Spending Account

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Flexible Spending Plan Year

The Flexible Spending Plan Year is from January 1st - March 15th of the following year (e.g. January 1st, 2013 - March 15th, 2014).  Employees then have an additional three months, until June 15th, to submit claims for any expenses incurred during the plan year (e.g. June 15th, 2014).

To submit a claim complete the Flexible Spending Account Claim Form, and return it, along with your receipts, to Benefit Analysis Inc., P.O. Box 527, Nutley, NJ  07110-052

Benefit Analysis's Website

Contact Benefit Analysis at 1-800-224-5110 for your log-in and password.


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Medical Coverage Waiver

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If you are opting to waive the Jewish Theological Seminary medical coverage please provide the name of your carrier and policy number along with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card. 

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Parsonage Allowance

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TIAA-CREF Useful Links and Phone Numbers


General National Contact Center: 1-800-842-2776

Financial Center/Advice Service: 212-490-9000 ext. 232803

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Vision Service Plan (VSP)

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Voluntary Life Insurance

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